A Dedication to the Memory of Keith Morgan 3rd Dan

Without Keith's dedication and support to the club and its students over many years the club would have cease to exist some years ago. Keith brought enthusiasm, honesty and a great deal of knowledge and experience to the dojo, he was a driving force behind the success of our dojo and students that train in it.

Keith was a shining example of what karate is truley about and was respected by all who trained with him.

Keith started his Karate career at the age of 27 with Dennis Casey and Terry Pottage.

Keith trained at Middleton karate club for 20 years and received his black belt from Dennis Casey and Stan Knighton at Manchester University. Keith was 39 when he achieved his Dan grade.

Keith was fortunate enough to also train with Shihan Shigeru Kimura at Wythenshawe. Shihan Kimura was the founding father of our style of karate.

Thank you and Rest In Peace Sensei

Sensei Keith Morgan 3rd Dan